By Praminder Bhuller | Business | Online Marketing | April 5, 2020

What has Corona Taught Us About Running Your Business?

Firstly, our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who has been affected health-wise and financially because of the Corona outbreak. This article is discussing the affects of one of the most dramatic pandemics ever to hit the globe. However, we are not going to add to the drama. Instead, I want to give a factual and sober take on how business and cultural attitudes towards working will and is changing – for good.

Firstly, as mentioned in the previous article, more and more people are choosing to run their businesses from their homes. This only going to grow. And because of recent events, is set to soar. If you have any doubts, think about your own lifestyle. How much more time are you spending on the Internet?

Internet Service Providers around the world are struggling to cope with the spike in traffic. Furthermore, companies that are investing in their online services are thriving. Abel & Cole the organic grocery suppliers have stopped accepting new customers. This is because their existing customers have increased the frequency and size of their orders. They are logistically unable to cope with the demand.

Analyst Mike Olson of Pipe Sandler, has predicted that Netflix’s international subscribers will grow 30.9% compared to the prior year quarter. This is ahead of expectations of 29.9%. Seems obvious, if you think about the pressure to keep your family entertained, and cinemas having to close doors.

If the online store Amazon was a country it would be the 48th richest country in the world. Surpassing New Zealand. I don’t think anyone is in doubt as to the future of this company. If you are in doubt, consider that Amazon is looking to hire 100,000 new jobs, to help in dealing with the new stressful situation.

Unfortunately, like us you are most likely not a multi-million-pound company. And like us money is too tight to mention. What can we do?

What Can We Do?

At the risk of sounding like a tinfoil hat wearing hippy – ‘This too shall pass’. Even the gloomiest of news is always discussing when, not if,the virus will go.

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