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We work with both medium-sized companies and sole-trading businesses. We make sure that you will be an integral part of the process. From creating and implementing your website to designing your logo. We can then we can promote and advertise your online business. Bringing in your customers.

and Identity

We’ll design your Logo – created from scratch. No templates, so your Logo will be truly unique, and it will reflect your company’s philosophy. Have your letterheads, business cards, leaflets and more, compliment each other.

Web Development & Maintenance

Have your whole website created from scratch, or maybe you want to increase its functionality. Maybe add a booking system, or Facebook live feed?

Social Media & Google Rankings

Get clients to actually visit your business. We work with social media campaigns. We also work to get your website moving up the Google rankings.

Plenty of our customers have achieved their goals, with our London web design services. We are local to you and are happy to meet you for a chat.
By promoting your website through Social Media, Pay Per Click Campaigns, or Organic Search Engine Rankings (SEO).

Our clients have achieved:

Increased exposure to customers searching online.

Converted potential customers to paying customers.

Impressed high brow clients with their portfolio of work.

Secured sponsorship with global companies.

Created passive incomes, by selling advertising space on their sites.

Boss Cat Web Design London Ltd Boss Cat Web Design London
Call us now, and we can get your business to start working for you immediately.

Our Logo Design & Digital Marketing Services

We are very proud to announce that we have a premiere team of Graphic Designers, on hand to create your perfect logo for your company. You will be given 5 unique concepts. From these you can give your feedback. Our designers will give the revisions, and keep going, until you have your perfect logo.

If you need other Graphic Design jobs, like Business Cards, flyers, Letterheads, our designers will gladly take on your job.

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Why Hire Our Digital Media Agency?

We cover everything

We have a holistic approach to placing your company online. We see your website as an online business – as opposed to a business website.

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Graphic design
social media cAMPAIGNS
website design & development
Google Rankings
Launch Your Business Now!

We don’t just do business websites. We also create online businesses. We can promote your website through different channels.

We will help promote your business with

leaflets and flyers.

Social Media Campaigns.

Ranking to the top of Google.

Boss Cat Web Design London Ltd Boss Cat Web Design London

Make Sure Clients can find Your Company

Call us now. Get your business performing as it should on the Internet now. Need rankings? Social media not social? Website redesign?