By Praminder Bhuller | Web Design | May 26, 2020

7 Of The Best Designed Websites To Inspire You In 2020

Business on the internet brings about a lot of different ways we look at things, from the methods of our communication to how we promote our business. Before, businesses had interesting street signs and face-to-face greetings. Now, many turn to potent web design.

The best-designed websites have to have a memorable front page or their first impression will fail to capture potential customers. 

What makes a powerful website design? Let’s dive into 7 unique examples and see what makes them successful. 

1. Mixbook Photo Co

When you have a product you are selling, you must hide nothing about that product. A website with a focus on a particular product line, as Mixbook does, should have its product front and centre.

It has an easy to use layout that lets you scroll right through everything, from customer testimonials to showcases of the product’s quality.

Visit their website here:

2. Zillow

When you have a potent service you want to get across, sometimes you can make your website an extension of your toolsets. Zillow helps people find the perfect home for them, so the entire website focuses on their excellent and in-depth search engine.

The detail of Zillow’s tools is also a major draw. When customers are looking for something exact, hitting that niche with plenty of options is a great hook for your website. 

Visit their website here:

3. Revols

Sometimes website designs can be another art form. Revols website is all about its product, but instead of quick and easy access to information, it stages it like an art piece.

The website immerses you in the headphones that it sells you, letting you experience them before you buy them, in a way. 

Visit their website here:

4. Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley is a balance of quiet and simple organisation and bold suggestion. Front and centre they place a headlined article drawing you into their business, personal finance. Around it is a simple grid organization, with a number of standard headings like What We Do and Ideas.

This has become a very common design, taking the barebones of web design and layout while still being bold and upfront. 

Visit their website here:

5. Wozber

Wozber is a resume helper website and wastes no time getting down to business. Right from their front page you are already on their path to a better resume. Before you know it, you’re swept off your feet. 

Getting right to the action can be a great move. It can suck people in if you have a simple and easy business model to execute. 

Visit their website here:

6. Quiver

Like Wozber, Quiver gets right to the point. Instead of a business plan, though, they hit right with an emotional appeal to invest in their data security service. 

What puts Quiver ahead is their space use. They are a small site, so they drop the signup front and centre and then pepper in fun, interactive ads to use the space with efficiency. 

Visit their website here:

7. Campos Coffee

Last on our list, Campos Coffee is a pure and simple personal appeal. They get comfortable with their customers from the start, highlighting the time and effort they put into each bag of coffee. 

They know their audience and add that personal touch that their niche demands.

Visit their website here:

The Best Designed Websites on the Market

Building the perfect website for you often means breaking down what works. The best-designed websites often come from hours of hard work, lots of trial and error, and a touch of luck.The biggest item behind all of these websites is a strong, professional eye for website design and development. When you need it, we here at Bright Creation Web Design London are happy to answer all your questions, so contact us today!

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