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The importance of Good Custom & Professional Logo Designers

What do the biggest household names have in common?

An iconic logo. Their brands are instantly recognisable – worldwide. Even if you’ve never bought their products or used their services, you know which business their logo represents. For this reason, a logo is essential to corporate branding.

Below are our top reasons to invest in professional logo design services and how Bright Creation Web Design London can help, along with examples of our recent designs.

If you don’t have a background in graphic design, it’s unlikely that you’ll develop a famous logo on a whim.

You might have several successful attempts, but chances are you’ll never be truly satisfied with your design.

If you hire a website design or logo design company with an extraordinary portfolio from the beginning, you can benefit from their abundance of experience. They know how to begin the design process and push through to the final stages of creating a strong corporate identity.


We’re taught to not judge a book by its cover, but most buyers do just that. They make buying decisions based on the first few seconds of interaction with your brand.

For this reason, first impressions can make or break your business.

A logo is the first thing your customers see when they visit your store or website. The logo design will invoke emotions and memories from your customers, so make sure they’re recognising the message you’re sending through a powerful logo.

Those first impressions depend on great graphic design solutions created by creative thinkers. Logo designers and branding specialists take concepts and turn them into easy to understand, visual forms.

When you work with a design agency to create your logo, it’s guaranteed to be clean and professional. They have access to specialised software and pay attention to the details, so they’re prepared to create a winning logo in fewer attempts than an amateur with no experience.


When marking your brand or visual identity, you’ll do so across various media platforms and mediums. You will apply your logo on everything from online content to branded merchandise.

As you’re working with printing companies, you’ll find that they have file requirements that the layperson may not understand.

Among various file types (for example .eps, .psd or .indd), you’ll need to meet specific colour and size requirements as well.

Sometimes you might even need different layouts of your logo. And now that most Internet users are accessing websites from their mobile devices, responsive logo designs are crucial. Your logo must be digital and scalable.


Sure, hiring a professional to design your logo may be a significant initial investment, but it will pay off in the long run.

Great logos inspire brand loyalty, which is one of the most sought-after goals in business. If your logo encourages people to trust you, they’re more likely to support your brand. They will share your products and services with their friends and family. You are bound to see an increase in new and returning customers, which will boost your return on investment (ROI).

In a short time, your logo will pay for itself over and over again in increased sales and revenue.


Over the years, we have learnt a few lessons about creating the perfect logo for your business.

Firstly, your input is vital and we don’t just mean formulating the brief. In our experience, it can be hard for you to explain a concept that is inside your head.

Furthermore, you may only understand what looks right, once it has been presented to you visually. This is why we have come up with a system which is fun and efficient for both you and us.

Establishing What You Want

We will send you a questionnaire. This will enable our designers to understand as much as possible about what you want from your Logo.

It’s a nice opportunity for you to really think and focus about your business goals.

Original Concepts Presented

We have a team Graphic Designers who will each give you a concept. This means you will have at least 3 unique ideas to choose from.

This normally takes around 4 working days.

You Review The Designs

You look at the designs, and give us your feedback. We will then give you revisions based on what you think needs to be changed.

This process is repeated until you are happy with your logo.

Your Final Logo

When you have given the thumbs up, we will then send you the designs in all the formats you need for your online, social media and printing needs.

You will also have complete Copyright and ownership.


Your brand Identity is being communicated through a more wider diverse range of mediums than ever before.

At first your logo had to look good on business cards, invoices, letters, posters, and more. These were all paper-based mediums. Now, however, your logo needs to look good and stand out on websites, videos, social media and a lot more.

All these platforms are digital, which means that your logo needs to be dynamic.

We can create your logo from scratch, or we can develop your existing logo, and animate it. We produce 2D and 3D animated logos in multiple formats. Your animated logo will look great on YouTube videos, Facebook covers and other advertising mediums.

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