By Praminder Bhuller | Business | March 21, 2020

Thinking of working from home? Home Internet Business Ideas In The UK

There are more and more people running successful online businesses in the UK from home. In fact, according to Forbes, 96% of businesses in the UK employ less than 10 employees. And the Government are well aware of this. According to them 2.9 million home-based businesses in the UK contribute £300 billion to the economy. On a personal level, I have found that around 40% of our clients are working from home running online businesses. This article isn’t a get rich quick piece. Although the ideas are realistic, it takes time, effort, and there is always money to be invested.

Home Internet Business Ideas

Are you thinking of doing the same? Well here are some home Internet business ideas.

  1. Become an online Language Tutor – as we all know Britain is a boiling pot of people from around the world. So you don’t need to know another language. All you need is Skype, Zoom or Google Hangouts. All are free.
  2. Copywriter, Translator or Proofreader – You can have your clients email you the work.
  3. Photographer/ Artist – Create a Facebook Business Page. Invite all your friends and family. Upload your work, and you have an online portfolio.
  4. Blogger – You can write articles for other sites. A lot of website owners are desperate for content.
  5. Affiliate Marketer – You sell other people items. You could create a blog, and when you get enough traffic, you could sell other company’s items through a link on your site. A lot of these companies called “Affiliate Marketers will even help you set up your site, and bring in the traffic.
  6. Online course Tutor – What do you know that other people don’t? Book keeping? or Photoshop?
  7. Voice Over Artist – All you have to do is record your voice and send it off as a .wav or an .mpg file. You can email or WhatsApp.
  8. Business Coach – More and more people are setting up their business. Help them by being a Mentor.

These are enough to get you thinking about what you can offer. Because of the World Wide Web almost anything is possible. Maybe it could be a side earner while the kids are at school?

Online Business Opportunities – Not Get Rich Quick Schemes

As I said at the beginning of this article – these are not get rich schemes. Each of these will take time, effort and money. You could use free platforms like Facebook, WordPress, Flickr, Blogger, the list is endless. But if you are serious, you need to spend time daily to keep your work up to date. You will eventually have to set aside a budget for your Facebook adverts. You will have to invest time to regularly update your Blog. To convince consumers to turn to you, you need to look professional – which means Graphic Designers. Google publicly announced that they will penalise sites that are unprofessional and weak, through their Panda Algorithm. That’s right, if you don’t look the part Google as well as Facebook and YouTube not to mention all the other giant platforms, they will not take your business seriously if you do not look the part.

Having said this, it is still far, far cheaper to start up a business online, than it would be to open a bricks and mortar company. The overheads are much cheaper. Also, you could increment your financial investment. As your business grows, you could decide later to spend money on a professional website, when for example you have drummed up enough interest through your Facebook page.

The best of luck in whatever you decide to do. When you succeed, it will be one of the most proud and liberating achievements of your life.

Praminder Bhuller / About Author

I started work as a freelance Graphic Designer for print-based media. This moved over to Graphic Design for the Internet. I have now moved over to online marketing. This includes working with Graphic Designers, Website Developers, SEO Marketers and many more experts. This journey has been going for 20 years.