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Do I Need Designed Business Stationary?

The obvious answer that any Design Agency will give is – yes, you need to have your stationary designed professionally. However, I think it would be a lot more helpful if I give real-world examples of how two of our clients have benefitted by investing in good Graphic Design and a strong brand. However, before we move on, I think it is important to note:

It is a Legal Requirement to Have Business Stationary

By UK law if you run a Limited company, you must display your business name at your business premises. If you work at home however, you do not need to. This is taken from the Governments website . On all your documents, publicity materials and letters, you must have your business name published.

On your website, letters, order forms, you must have all of the following;

  • The company’s registered number.
  • Its registered office address.
  • Where it is registered – England & Wales, Northern Ireland or Scotland.
  • If you are a Limited company, you have to state that it is a Limited company.
  • If you are a Sole trader, you need to include your own name, as well as the businesses.
  • If you are a charity, you must make it clear that you are a charity.
  • If you are a partnership, you must list ALL the partners. And if that is not practical, then you must provide directions as to where all the partners can be seen, for example a link to your website.


For invoices of all companies there is even more information that you need to include;

  • A unique identification number.
  • Company name, address & contact information.
  • The company name and address of your client.
  • A clear description of the service or product, you are charging for.
  • The date you provided the services /products (supply date).
  • The date of the invoice.
  • The amounts being charged.
  • The VAT – if you are VAT registered.
  • The total amount to be paid by your client.
  • If you are a Sole trader, then you need to include your name, as well as the business name.
  • If you are a limited company, you must print the name of your company, exactly as it is written on your certificate of incorporation.


£1,000 fine if you don’t.

The short answer is – yes you need business stationary.


Do I Need to Have My Business Stationary Designed?



Deal-U-Like Ltd turned to us for their Logo and Business Stationary because they wanted to open an off-shore business bank account. The Bank asked for a letter of Authorisation from one of the company Directors, and it had to be on the company letterheaded paper. They were also asked by PayPal to do the same.

As Deal-U-Like were going through a radical financial make-over, they really didn’t want to take any risks. Meaning that they wanted to succeed in these applications and to have the process move as fast and smooth as possible. Furthermore, if this application was delayed for too long, they had the possibility of losing an £80,000 business deal.

The bank manager of the local branch had visited their premises, but then informed them that the final decision would be made in the head quarters abroad. They had to fill in the forms and provide details, and give a letter of Authorisation on company Letter-headed paper. This raised alarm bells. What on earth did the letter-headed paper have to do with the application?

When they turned to us, we explained that it was for their peace of mind. They want to be able to trust you. A measure of professionalism. Also, this is a legal document. By law Company Letterheads need to display certain information. (See above).

You will also be corresponding with other businesses. Or to put it more correctly- your business will be communicating with other businesses. Can they trust your business with tens of thousands of pounds? Will they, for example, give you a credit account for your future orders?


Stationary Design will Ease Relationships with your Clients

Another client of ours also learnt that having professionally designed company literature, eased relationships with their clients, or in this case their tenants.

The tenants are about to part with 6 weeks, worth of rent in advance, plus a deposit. Not to mention putting their family lifestyle in temporary chaos. That is a lot of trust and stress. When handed the contracts, it’s nice to see competence, trustworthiness, strength and authority. These agents must be able to have the clout to deal with a burst pipe in the middle of the night. Or a broken boiler in the middle of winter. Do they have the integrity to pay back my deposit, at the end of the term? Are they about to take my money and run?

A pleasant surprise, was that the staff noticed that when corresponding with tenants it was easier to negotiate. For example, if the rent was late – the Property Managers would send reminders notifying the tenants the chancer of a late payment fee. Tenants would before complain to the office in person, or over the phone about being threatened or insulted. Now, however, the letters came across as a lot more formal. The relationship between the tenants and the agency was a lot more formal. This saved the staff and office a lot of time and stress. subconsciously, it seemed that the tenants accepted that reasonable behaviour was expected of them.

On the letterheads, governing bodies and affiliations were included. They were included to add to the clout of the company.

Marketing Tools

Did you know, that your letters, invoices, emails, business cards, are also marketing materials? Your customers will judge a book by its cover.

Your letters, emails, invoices have now become points of sale. They can – and will – be circulated, because they have your contact details. They have the name of your business, logo, contact details and address. Everything a potential client needs to start trading with you.

This is why we design your Company Literature with the same care and attention as we do with all your other design needs.


Our Graphic Design Process

Step 1

First we collect the required information, like the name of your business, contact details, logo, etc. We also ask you what it is that your business does.

Step 2

Our Graphic Designers will then produce 3 – 5 concepts.

Step 3

You decide which one you like. You also list any changes you would like us to make.

Step 4

We make the changes you asked for and present the revised designs. Still need changes? Don’t worry – we will keep making revisions until you are 100% happy.

Our Designers work on all your design needs. Take a look at our other Graphic Design services.

All your Company’s Brand imaging starts with a logo. We designed the logos first for both these companies. That is why they come to us for all their design needs.


As always, I would like to thank our clients for letting us use their companies and work as public examples.






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