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9 effective local SEO tips for small businesses to improve traffic


Most businesses have gone online as the number of internet users has increased, and for digital natives, it is common to say ‘Google it’ instead of ‘Search it.’

93% of people use the internet to find local businesses. Hence, it is high time to hire an acclaimed SEO agency in London and make your business a success with effective local SEO strategies.

What is local SEO?

Optimisation of a website to improve its chance of appearing on a search engine result page when searched for certain related keywords is Search Engine Optimisation. Similarly, local SEO is all about applying optimisation tactics but with local keyword terms.

Local SEO is imperative for small businesses when 78% of local queries result in an offline purchase.

Benefits of local SEO

  • It helps to rank on the first page of SERP and brings your website into the spotlight.
  • By targeting local customers, you can drive relevant traffic.
  • Unlike traditional marketing, your costs of banners and local ads will be saved. Hence, it is cost-efficient.
  • A properly optimised web page can drive sales, and to make your website stand out from the crowd, it is essential to hire the best web design agency in London.
  • People always find local businesses convenient, and hence, you can build a great community.

How does it work?

Google uses numerous factors to rank local content. However, the factors that are well-considered are:

  • Relatedness of your business listing to the searcher’s intent
  • The remoteness of the business and the searcher
  • The prestige of your business

9 Local SEO strategies

1. Optimise Google business profile

Google My Business is a directory that offers precise information about local businesses. To create your business listing:

  • Generate and verify the Google My Business information
  • Add pictures to your account
  • Ask buyers to share a review
  • Reply to reviews and ratings

If Google verifies your business as original, it can present you with a sidebar space in Google local search. As everyone needs to find correct information, it is essential to add a valid address, email, and phone number.

2. Optimise online directories and citations

When you have optimised your Google business profile, it is time to build citations on local directory sites like

  • Bizcommunity
  • Justlanded
  • Yell
  • Yelp
  • Allinlondon

Inconsistency like misspells or incorrect contact information can be troublesome. Hence, it is critical to keep your name, mobile number, and address consistent across every page to rank in relevant results.

3. Conduct a local SEO audit

A comprehensive SEO audit helps analyse where your business website stands and where you need to put work. It includes;

  • Google My Business audit
  • On-page SEO audit
  • Google Search Console audit
  • Citation audit
  • Competitor analysis
  • Website audit

You can use free audit tools or hire an expert to gain in-depth results and advice.

4. Carry out local keyword research

Keyword research can be tedious but equally critical to unveil phrases related to your business, services, and commodity. They link your business and customers and help improve visibility by ranking high on SERP.

  • During keyword research, it is essential to keep the searcher’s intent in mind because Google wants to rank content that is more relevant to search queries. You can use Google Keyword Planner to find appropriate keywords.
  • In addition to the searcher’s intent, it is important to know about three categories of keywords: transactional, informational, and navigational keywords.

When applying local SEO, your business will need navigational and transactional keywords. Moreover, it is also beneficial to add long-tail keywords because they have less competition and are conversational.

5. Create local content

When talking about local SEO, content is the fundamental thing. Adding targeted keywords to some lousy content won’t do the work. It is necessary to create;

  • Content to address people’s demands
  • Content that is easy to navigate
  • Easily understandable content
  • Content that matches user intent

Design your content in a way that informs people about the surrounding area because generalised content can be found on many other websites.

  • Keep critical information at the start
  • Keep it long and segregate it for the ease of readability
  • Add frequently asked questions
  • Include a call-to-action at the end

6. Make your website mobile-friendly

“Near me” mobile searches have grown by 136% last year, and the need for a mobile-friendly site cannot be stressed enough. It is rewarding to hire a web design agency in the UK to make a responsive website because maintaining website traffic requires more effort than gaining traffic.

A website should include;

  • Responsive page display
  • Readable fonts
  • Proper text formatting
  • Optimised media

7. Optimise page structure

Along with business listing and content, it is also essential to optimise page structure which includes title tags, headers, meta description, and URL. To optimise these page structures, you can add targeted keywords to help Google rank your website high on the search engine result page. However, you can also take help from web design services in London.

8. Gain backlinks from local sources

Backlinks are highly valued in SEO and give a double bonus that is

  • Help searchers navigate the internet
  • Increases authority and credibility

Moreover, when a well-acclaimed website links to your page, it will have more value, and local backlinks can increase your reputation in your neighbourhood. You can earn backlinks by creating local content and asking local people along with influencers to share it.

9. Engage on social media

There are 57.6 million active users in the UK, and if your organisation is not already on social media, you disregard a plethora of audiences. Post regular informative updates and promotions with keyword-rich captions & hashtags to build a community, increase engagement, and boost revenue. Furthermore, actively replying to followers’ comments and messages makes them feel friendly, boosting credibility.


Seo can be more work than you might want to put into it, but it gives substantial results over time. However, you can also out-source your local SEO to save time. If you own a storefront and offer best-in-class services, invest in local SEO to gain customers and hike up sales.

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