By Praminder Bhuller | Best website design company | August 23, 2022

Ideas for Web Design: When You Don’t Know What to Do

For the website design industry, 2022 has become all about looking forward but also not forgetting the past.

For example, unique typography is leading the way, but the 80s and 90s designs are also getting a wild card entry. Creative visual styles pull the strings, but handcrafted designs are also stealing the show.

Nevertheless, there are two cons of website design:

  • People have already implemented all ideas
  • Designs are like fast fashion; they become outdated quickly

However, the best website design company will create their own one-off designs for businesses while keeping the classic usability principles in mind.

This year is all about doing experiments, making dynamic decisions, and paving your own way. So, read further to know about some exclusive web design ideas. But, before we sneak into the bundle of creativity, let us know some basic requirements of a good website.

What does a good website have?

  • Effective design

Effective website design conveys value and builds trust among visitors. Hence, your website impression should directly catch the eyes of your customers and emit competency of your brand.

So, keep user experience in mind, choose a catchy layout, include enough whitespace, and use relevant typography. Website design also plays a critical role in improving SEO. Hence, the best SEO services in London signify the best web design.

  • A brand identity

Invariant brand identity is key to making your visitors remember you. Each element of your website, like logo, colours, font, tagline, images, and objectives, should reflect who and what your brand is.

  • Customer-centric

Your clients are the bedrock of your company. So, your website elements should tell them how your business will help overcome their problems and necessities. In addition, they should also create a memorable and distinct experience for users to bring them back.

Creative website design ideas

 1. Cosy colours

Eye-calming colours are the best way to greet your website visitors and persuade them to stay a little longer. For example, pastel blues, natural greens, warm sun colours, cool greys, pastel browns, and other relaxing colours are far better than blacks and whites.

A light-toned background creates a great contrast to highlight important services and products of your business. Moreover, it helps to pull visitors’ attention to elements like call-to-action buttons.

Cosy colours are a typical choice of a social media marketing agency because they create aesthetic appeal and uniformity in their social media feed.

2. Popping illustrations

You can give free rein to your imagination and explore various digital aspects when it comes to website design. For example, AR experience, photography, hand-drawn elements, animations, illustrations, or abstract art.

Popping illustrations are an excellent way to draw people’s attention. You can achieve aesthetic and minimalist appeal by adding 2D 3D graphical illustrations.

3. Retro rebellion

Today’s web designers are drawing inspiration and vision from 90s web 1.0. Those were the days of brightly coloured backgrounds, robotic typography, and highlighted table layouts. The time when web designing was not considered a walk of life.

Though all of those ideas did not always give desired results, the millennial and Gen-Z designers are reviving those designs in their own way. Similarly, you can mingle minimalism and strong aesthetic to create your own statement design.

4. Innovative scrolling animation

Creating a unique scrolling experience is not new but is still an effective way to engage people. Moreover, when we talk about scrolling experiences, how can we forget Apple, the animated scrolling mogul. It is popular for sleek animated product pages.

Nowadays, the experience is becoming better, taking people on imaginative voyages. You can liven up your website with parallax effects, psychedelic images, and 3D animations.

5. Electric colours

Vivid colour usage can never go out of style and is widely used by the best website design company for avant-garde tech and media industries. Moreover, an open-minded, energetic, confident, and artistic audience will resonate with and applaud such colour choices.

You can create vivid coloured gradients to add energy to your background and movement to your elements. Plus, you can extend the effect by adding 3D colours, which give elements a rounded or edged feel. As they were extensively used in the early internet era, they will be a perfect amalgamation of nostalgia and a futuristic feel.

6. Abstract expression

Depending on your industry and business niche, abstract shapes and geometric design can work well as compared to photographs.

Basic shapes like circles, triangles, or squares can be transformed into complex compositions. Therefore, your website will get an innovative and interesting feel. You will not need human faces to stir emotions; abstract elements will do the job.

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7. Direct visitors animatedly

Usually, a website has the latest product feature, values, objectives, and mission on the home page. However, adding a visually attractive navigation menu can make the home page interactive and effective.

An animated navigation menu on a home page can lead users to the product or CTA page directly. They will not have to riffle through categories and subcategories to find their needs. Moreover, the audience will visit more often when navigation and user experience are good.

8. Handmade designs

Handmade artwork can give a sense of personalisation and belonging no matter how imperfect it is. You can make doodles, scribbles, analogue textures, uneven cutouts, or draw elements to give a crayon or paint feel.

This will bridge the gap between the online and offline world and offer a human touch. Additionally, it will also make your website stand out from the crowd.

Recently, hand lettering has caught the attention of many business owners and web designers. It offers more freedom of expression and presentation, helps people remember what you said, builds strong brand identity, and when used in logos, it makes them unique.


When people’s attention span has become less than a goldfish, you might be compelled to think that they will not pay attention to your website design. However, 59% of people prefer beautiful designs over simple ones.

So, it is crucial to hire the best website design company to create a beautifully cutting-edge website and make it surpass the crowded competition.

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