Worried about Your Privacy When Surfing? Alternative Search Engines

Worried About Your Privacy When Surfing The Net? Boss Cat Web Design London

Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Alexa, are seen as the go to for Search Engines. It’s almost common knowledge, that they make money by scrutinizing your habits and harvesting your personal information. Saving this data and selling it to their customers. Understandably, a lot of people are very uncomfortable with this Orwellian model.

However, there are other search engines. They respect your privacy and still make a profit. They are businesses after all.

I will explain how they make a profit, and provide a list of Search Engines to use. There are of course trade-offs in the quality of search results. Let’s be honest. There’s a reason why Google are on top. It’s because they are bloody good.

I mostly use Duck Duck Go, Ecosia, and CC Search. When these let me down, I then turn to Google to finish the job. It’s good to let the Internet know that we value and respect our privacy. If this trend grows then, hopefully, this will encourage companies in the future to invest in algorithms and software that will respect our wishes.

"How Do These Alternative Search Engines Make Their Money?"

  • Adverts Some of these Search Engines still use adverts. However, they are not based on your personal data. They are based purely on the search words you type in the box.
  • Affiliate Links Among the natural sites listed, will be affiliate sites. 
  • Donations Some Search Engines are charities. With the money they make from your searches, they donate a percentage to good causes. Which means you could be doing your bit for charity – simply by searching the net.

List of Search Engines

If you want to go straight to the list of alternative Search Engines, scroll to the bottom of the page.

Alternative Search Engines

It is always worth going to the about pages of these sites, and doing your own further research. Furthermore, go to other sites to get more objective views on each search engine.  Because, unfortunately, even some of these Engines may not be completely upfront.

For example, the CEO of YIPPY.com has accused Duck Duck Go of selling information to Google. Sigh! Wouldn’t it be great if businesses were honest, and life was simple?