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Website  Hosting

Domain Name

What is your website address? The question is more important to Google, than most business owners realise. We can guide you to make the right decision for your business. Furthermore, we can ensure, that the Domain in 100% under your name. Over the years, we have seen clients come to us to redesign their site. Only then, realising that they don’t have ownership. Their old hosting company or website designer will then hold it to ransom for a release fee, – and a lot of headache. We will make sure you avoid this pitfalls.

Find your ideal domain name and host it with us. Email addresses included.

• 24/7 Landline telephone support – Not a premium rate number. (Most likely free on your mobile phone tariff.)

• 99.9% uptime

• You will have 100% control of your website and hosting. You will be surprised how many people think they do, until they realise that their web designer has full ownership.

Hosting Servers

If the domain is your address, then think of Hosting, as the house (computer) that the address points to. This house in turn, will hold your furniture. The furniture would be your website, emails, videos, songs, etc…

Again, Google will take a look at your Hosting. If your website has a tendency to go down often, Google will not be happy, and as such will lower your rankings on the searches. Also if your website takes longer than 5 seconds to load, then again, Google will make you suffer.

Avoid unnecessary headaches. Host with us, focus on running your business.