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Tons of Sound provide DJ’ing courses for the Youth, with the mind to keep them off the streets. Also to teach them soft skills, such as punctuality and team work.

Tons of Sound approached us for a complete re-design of their website. They wanted it to have a vibrant and fresh look. This would be in keeping with the atmosphere of fun and excitement in the workshops.

However, they also wanted the parents to feel safe and secure, in letting their children attend. As well as being confident that their financial investment would pay off.

There were plenty of images and videos for us to make full use of. This did a lot in drumming up the excitement, as well as showing the parents what went on. The written content was primarily worded for the parents.

The clients wanted a contact form, and to be able to update the website themselves. We used WordPress, as the clients were already familiar with this platform.

Our designers worked very hard in creating the animations, colour scheme, and graphics. These were constantly revised until the clients were fully satisfied.