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Banquet Star wanted a site to show off their venue, as well as inform potential clients about their secondary services. They were considered a Wedding Venue, however they are so much more. They wanted to show their corporate hosting services, as well as their catering and table waiting skills.

We advised them that they should invest in a logo also. Their main ways of promoting was done through the Facebook campaigns, and printed brochures posted to prospective clients. This logo would be very important in creating the sophisticated image they were after. Their experience was that they had a reputation for being a budget hall,and they were very eager to shake off this image, and attract a more affluent clientele.

Website Designed for Banqueting Hall Boss Cat Web Design London

The website reflected the image of sophistication with our graphic design, stunning photos and elegant interactions. Their SEO requirements were very basic. The client just wanted to make sure that people would be able to find them through a local search and by typing in their name. We achieved this by submitting their details to quality directories.

Of course, this website is responsive, meaning that it can be viewed on all mobiles and tablets.