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Logo Motion Design Inspiration: 3 Great Animation Ideas

Logo Motion Design

Since 65% of people are visual learners, visual aspects of marketing your business are critical to success. While a logo is always great for branding, an animated one is even more so. The human eye is drawn to movement, after all!

Here, we’re going to discuss how this can make your company memorable and engage viewers. Read on to learn all about animated logo design and why it’s the right choice for your business!

Simple Logo Animation Examples

Whether you’ve no idea what you want for your logo or you have a design sketched out, it’s a good idea to look at some animated logo examples that have worked for our past clients.

The first one that we want to take a look at is FusionX. While this logo isn’t animated, it captures the minimalist quality that many good logos share. This logo could be animated in a variety of ways. The letters could move or the entire logo itself could spin. The possibilities are limitless!

Logo Motion Design Inspiration: 3 Great Animation Ideas Boss Cat Web Design London

DartSystems is one company that took advantage of these limitless possibilities. Their image of a dart hitting the centre of a dartboard is memorable and flashy. You can view this logo and many others on our webpage for some ideas on how you can make consumers remember and engage with your logo.

Logo Motion Design Inspiration: 3 Great Animation Ideas Boss Cat Web Design London

iChoose is the third and final logo that we want to look at today. This minimalist logo boasts only two colours – blue and white – which lets its design stand out. The expansion of a cube into both a Smartphone and a traditional phone shows that they’re both modern and traditional in what they do. It’s an example of how an animated logo can convey a message!

Logo Motion Design Inspiration: 3 Great Animation Ideas Boss Cat Web Design London

Logo Animation Software

Our team uses a variety of logo animation software to build your brand. Whether you want us to create a design from scratch or develop your pre-existing still logo into a moving one, our programmes have you covered.

Our graphic designers will use the professional software at their disposal to give you a concept within 4 workdays. You will see three potential designs for your logo at this point. After you view the designs and select the one that you prefer, our team will send it to you in any format that you like.

Then, we will get to work on the animated aspect of your logo. The final product will look great in YouTube videos, on social media pages, and on your official business website.

How Much Does It Cost To Animate A Logo?

The cost of logo animation varies greatly depending on your needs. Aspects that directly affect how much you will need to pay include design elements, whether the logo is 2D or 3D, and the specific parts of the logo that you want animated. Logos that require more animated elements will cost a bit more than those with only one.

It can cost you as little as £50 and as much as £1000 to get your logo animated. Because of this wide berth, we offer free quotation services so that you can get a better idea of how much your project will cost. If you fill out this questionnaire, we’re sure to get back to you ASAP!

Begin Animated Logo Design Today

Now that you know some great animated logo design examples and some basic information on how you can brand using this technique, it’s time to get started. Contact us to inquire about any lingering questions that you may have. Our experts are happy to help you come up with logo ideas and discuss the logo animation process at greater length.