August 18, 2020


Mobile Massage London


Website Design & SEO

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A masseur running his business wanted to drum up more business. e created a website. We designed his logo. We created his social channels which included Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We did Search Engine Optimisation. He receives about 10 phone calls a week. We know this because the phone number is tied to the website. This phone number is monitored using Twillio.

A sole trading Masseur contacted us for creating a new Brand Identity, re-designed website, and customers.

Straight away, we created a range of initial concepts for his logo. The concepts were our initial attempts to understand what kind of image he wanted to portray for his business. One was selected then revised and developed. This was very important, as in this industry he didn’t want to attract the wrong, sleazy kind of custom. Also, being a male, he wanted to reassure his female clients that he is trustworthy, accountable and professional.

We were hen able to carry over this image to the website. Using WordPress, he is able to update the Blog section himself. The main pages were sent to our SEO copywriters to fill in.

Next we created his Facebook page and Twitter account.

We used Twillio – an Internet based telephone company, to track all calls made via the website. This way we and the client were able to easily measure the success of our SEO campaign.

Once we started the SEO campaign, he started getting a trickle of phone calls within 3 months. 6 months later he was receiving about 7 calls a day. The client happily told us that he had made his SEO spending back within 2 months.