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FREE Business Startup Advice Guide

Get Help With Starting Up A New Business

New logo design? Check. New website design? Check. Business cards printed? Check. Opened business bank account? Check. Told your mum? Check.

Now what?

I remember someone asking me, when I said I had started my business– “Do you have any customers?”    “Er YES” (I had 2.)

Here are institutions and groups that are here for you. Whether you have a start up or have been up and running for a while and would like a new angle on things. Bear in mind that I receive no commission from these institutions.

FREE Business Startup Advice Guide Boss Cat Web Design London

NWES is a not for profit organisation. These guys provide a vast range of help. They have been around since 1982. London, Kent, Nottingham. They provide office spaces with easy in and easy out tenancies. Therefore, you won’t be stuck in a contract. They have stunning buildings everywhere. From a converted church in Great Yarmouth to modern new builds in Tilbury, Essex.

They don’t stop there. They give advice and mentoring. Seriously impressive. For example, ‘Enterprise steps’ helps start-ups throughout their creation and establishment. ‘Croydon Enterprise Loan Fund’ is there for businesses in Croydon to access loans. I haven’t even scratched the surface of what they can do for you. Here’s their site: https://www.nwes.org.uk. Actually, stop wasting time. Here’s their number, call them: 08456 099991

Need help writing a Business Plan? Do you need a Business Plan? Yes. Our Governments website has excellent information on what a Business Plan is. Why you need one. How to create one. And they have free templates for you to download.

They also have a vast amount of other resources. Telephone: 0300 456 3565

Get Help With Starting Up A New Business

FREE Business Startup Advice Guide Boss Cat Web Design London

One of my personal favourites are the meetups. I find these more relaxed and informal. Of course, I haven’t been to all of them. There are hundreds. From empowering women, to networking, to courses. It’s also good to go outside your exact niche. You will then get a broader understanding. https://www.meetup.com/

FREE Business Startup Advice Guide Boss Cat Web Design London

Business for London is made up of a consortium of 6 business support groups! Another great resource. If you are about to start a business or have been trading for less than 2 years, then you can apply for A Start Up Loan. This is a government initiative. The amount can go upwards of £25,000, the average given is £5,500.

Other great services are a mentoring service. I was really impressed with this. You will be give an experience and successful business owner’s time and advice. They will help you make the right strategic decisions to make you business survive and grow. This is a FREE service and is based around Hackney. Don’t wait! Click here now: https://businessforlondon.co.uk/looking-for-a-mentor/.

I said DON’T WAIT! CLICK HERE!  NOW! https://businessforlondon.co.uk/looking-for-a-mentor/

FREE Business Startup Advice Guide Boss Cat Web Design London

I’m falling in love with this organisation. If this wasn’t enough -they also have numerous workshops covering a wide range of subjects to help you get your business going. For example, if you are a woman who has been trading for under 42 months, then you could apply for the https://www.enterpriseenfield.org/inspiring-women-business-grow.

FREE Business Startup Advice Guide Boss Cat Web Design London


Years ago, if you told me to find and use a business mentor – I would have told you to “P….FF!”   But now I’ve matured and learnt the harsh lessons of humility. I have had a few mentors over the years. At the moment I have someone who fits perfectly with my values and we get along. I am so so grateful for the help and advice I have been given. I used to run around chasing my own tail, wasting energy and time. Let’s be honest. There are 2 reasons that stop you from getting a mentor. Pride and embarrassment. Drop them both. You and me both don’t have time to faff around. Other people have done what you are trying to achieve. And no – they are not like your horrible form tutor who kept picking on you, and making you stand in the corner, while your class mate sniggered behind your back. These guys understand and care. Some of these mentors are free, and some are paid services.

FREE Business Startup Advice Guide Boss Cat Web Design London

http://ioee.uk/ Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs This is another heavy weight institution. And to prove that help isn’t just for novices, these guys also have membership packages for those seasoned, warrior, business owners like you. Yes. Even you guys could do with help, every now and then. You have the same benefits as others – courses, online mentors, networking events. But there is more. YOU can be a mentor. Give at least 5 days a year, and you could use the letters FIOEE after your name.

There are packages starting at £5 per month, these are for people starting a business, and it goes up to £27 per month, for the heavy weights among you.

Look, there are plenty of other institutions out there. I AM NOT being paid for this. I just happened to have tried a couple of them, and I know people who have tried the others. Pick up the phone, or if you’re too embarrassed, send an email or contact them through social media. If you’re still too scared – get your friend to call. That’s the hard bit. After that – you have gazillions of info and support. There is a business revolution going on, and it needs you to hurry up. So my last words to you…