By Praminder Bhuller | Graphic Design | November 14, 2019

Things To Consider When Designing A Logo

What is a Logo?

Essentially, a logo is a way of communicating the character and ethos of a company at a glance. It should be unique, and It should make your company recognisable from a group. To put it in an informal way – your clients and potential clients should be able to see what your company is about. And whether they want to do business with you.

For example, do you provide affordable products that will appeal to a wide audience? Or perhaps, you offer high-end services, that are reliable and safe – exclusive to only a select few.

There is one obvious detail, that should be pointed out. The clients that come to us for a Logo are not global, blue-chip companies. Therefore, it’s important to show in the logo, what it is that you provide. Either by including the name of your company, or by having a symbol, that is more of a literal representation of your services /products.

After all, your potential clients, most likely haven’t heard of you. So when they see your logo for the first time, they and you will benefit greatly, by pointing out as plainly as you can – WHAT IT IS THAT YOU DO!

A slogan would be a nice idea as well. It would give the opportunity to reiterate what it is that you do.

We all recognise the Amazon Logo. However, it’s worth remembering that our businesses are not being discussed in the news, publications or helped by governments around the world.

How To Brand A Company Logo

Below are a couple of examples of logos we have designed for our clients. On the left, the words of the company have been used. After all, the name of the company explains it all. On the right, the name of the business is still ambiguous. Therefore, the words ‘Heating & Cooling’ have been included. The symbol emphasises the message. The whole logo stands out, makes the business look professional and trustworthy. Any potential customer looking at either of these logos will feel comfortable doing business with them.

Which Colours to Use for Your Logo

Have you heard of colour psychology? Colours are chosen in design, not just for their aesthetics, but also for their psychological influences and symbology. Black is used to show strength, authority, prestige. Red is quick, dynamic, youthful, immediate. Green is the environment, health, calming, growth. These are simple and obvious examples. And again, I’m sure it is nothing new to you. However, It is worth bearing in mind, when thinking about your logo. Don’t be dismissive.

If you want evidence of how powerful colour psychology is – just look at 2 of the most powerful industries in the world. Gambling and Banking. All banks and a lot of financial institutions have Blue featuring strongly in their logos, store interiors, and websites. The colour Blue is seen as reserved, prudent, conservative, calm, thoughtful. Of course, there are exceptions, but the norm can easily be seen, in the examples below.

Now if you look at fruit machines in the Gambling industry, they have used colours at the other end of the spectrum. Reds, yellows, oranges. These increase the heart rate – literally. Which in turn produces excitement and abandonment. Ultimately, this means spending more money without thinking about it. These large companies do not just use Graphic Designers. They use teams of psychologists. Their design processes are VERY sophisticated.

Most companies don’t have 10’s of thousands of pounds and months of development to spend on a logo. Fortunately, we don’t need to. Logos work on a very intuitive level. This article is just asking you to think and consider certain concepts. If you look at your competitors, you will see that they follow a visual language. They have picked up a lot of the lessons that multi-million corporations have learnt. The ideas have been adopted subconsciously and consciously. Although we all want to be different and unique. It is also a good idea to follow certain norms. After all, they exist for a reason.

Research Logo Ideas: The 3 Main Types Of Logo

This is a simplification. Some design schools argue up to 10 different types. However, for the sake of understanding your needs for your logo, I have kept this simple.

Logo Types /Word Mark

Just looking at these you probably understand straight away. This is when your logo is basically the name of your company. But – the way it is written, makes the logo. The font, colours used, and the way the letters /words have been positioned together.

Logo Symbols /Logo Mark

Again, looking at these examples, I’m sure that already you understand what is meant. There are no words. Simple icons are used instead. We recognise the symbols instantly, because we have a brand awareness. A lot of these icons, we have grown up with. The symbols can be great at bringing an emotional response. For example the cute panda works better than the words any day.

Combination Mark

Yes, you have guessed it. A symbol and the name /initials. Below are some more examples.

Use Your Intuition For Your Logo

If all this is getting confusing – don’t worry. Graphic Designers take all these (and more)  into consideration on a subconscious level. It’s enough that you are vaguely aware.

Our Logo Designing Process

An example of the ranges of designs we presented to one of our clients.

We want you to use the intuitive part of your brain. Otherwise, being bogged down with too many options and issues to think about, will take away your joy, passion and dynamic energy.

The way we like to work, is that we will provide you with a questionnaire. By answering the questions, you will be guided along the correct path to creating your logo. We also ask you to give an example of a logo(s) that you like.

We will have an understanding about what your business is about and what you are after. If you feel that you don’t know what you want – that is not a problem.

Our designers will create 3 different concepts for you to look at. You can then evaluate and give us your thoughts.

After selecting one, this will be developed and revised until you are 100% happy. Again, this will keep things fun, and it will appeal to the intuitive part of your brain.


Feel free to take a look at logo designs we have created for our clients.

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I started work as a freelance Graphic Designer for print-based media. This moved over to Graphic Design for the Internet. I have now moved over to online marketing. This includes working with Graphic Designers, Website Developers, SEO Marketers and many more experts. This journey has been going for 20 years.