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How Does an SEO Company Work?

Suppose you own a business in Stratford, are passionate and talented, and talk about your niche all day. You also engage your customers in friendly conversations to compel them. However, they declare that they usually search for local businesses on the internet. (Drumroll!)

Now, you know that you need to take your business online in order to gain more customers. But, you don’t know how and also do not have time to learn every nook and cranny. So, you hire an experienced SEO agency in London.

They swish their magic wand, and your website rank soars high on the search engine result page after some months.

Leads flow in making you busier, thanks to the best SEO team.

What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a sequence of operations to enhance a website’s visibility, rank, and traffic on search engines. An SEO agency partners with SMBs and large enterprises to boost their website’s visibility, traffic, and, ultimately, leads.

Why do you need an SEO agency?

  • An SEO agency will employ time-saving and budget-friendly yet effective SEO strategies
  • It will help you stay ahead of the curve by using their expertise
  • It will offer robust and secure SEO solutions
  • It will also monitor and analyse your campaign to make room for improvements
  • Often an established agency is also a social media management agency. Hence, they can double your marketing power using social media

How does an SEO agency work?

Understand your niche and analyse your website

Before then, plan what to do for your business or which SEO strategies to apply; an SEO agency will understand your industry, where does your business stands, who are your audience, and what your competitors are doing.

Simultaneously, they will also audit your existing website. They check keywords, user-friendliness, schema markup, meta descriptions, title tags, internal & external links, broken links, HTTP or HTTPS, and other factors.

However, if you do not have a website, the best website design company can create an attractive and functional website for you.

Analyse your content

Website content is on the front burner, which conveys your brand message and attracts customers. So, SEO professionals will analyse keywords, duplicate content problems, voice search capability, missing pages, badly ranking content, tone of the content, contact information, and much more.

Code and site structure optimisation

Site structure is essential to deliver a better user experience, improve site links, simplify the Google bot’s crawling job, and also boost rankings. Some websites might need a little fine-tuning, while others might require a major alteration.

Whatever the case, a good SEO agency in London will improve your website structure, cleanse codes, eliminate crawling errors, add XML sitemap, build internal links, group pages into related categories, and make your website easy to navigate.

Off-page analysis and optimisation

Many SMBs are not the shining stars online. But, they can take advantage of the off-page SEO tactics to rise and shine in the sky (SERP!). For example, guest posting and directory submission.

An SEO agency will analyse competitors’ link profiles to improve your link-building strategies, find your business mentions and turn them into links, set up your business profile on Google, guest post, build authority, gain authentic reviews, and eventually increase organic traffic.

On-page analysis and optimisation

On-page SEO is the bigger fish to fry, and it requires constant upgradation. It helps search engines determine the context of your page and which keywords or search terms are relevant to your website.

An SEO agency in London will optimise title tags, meta descriptions, and page content, optimise images and use Alt text for them, repair keyword cannibalization, fix stray pages, remove duplicate content, optimise a landing page, and use colours relevant to the brand.

Conduct A/B testing

A/B testing evaluates what works for your website and what needs a change. In A/B testing, any element of a website is changed, and the test page (B) and original page (A) results are analysed.

For example, CTA button change, colour change, font change, and many other changes can be involved.

Some companies also perform multivariate testing, which involves testing multiple aspects of a website. However, it can be more complex as compared to A/B testing.

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What should you ask an SEO agency before hiring them?

  • Have you worked with any organisation in our niche?
  • Can you show me your portfolio or clients’ case studies?
  • What are your pricing model and payment options?
  • Exactly which services do you offer, and how much will you deliver each month?
  • Which type of tactics do you use for your clients?
  • Will your strategies help my business surpass my competitors’?
  • Which key performance indicators will you measure?
  • How often will you send reports?
  • Which type of reports will you provide, and will you help me understand them?
  • What is your keyword selection process?
  • Can you fix Google my business and other complex listing issues?
  • Which SEO tools do you utilise?
  • What will be our mode of communication?
  • Who will I be in regular contact with?
  • After how much time will our business see results?
  • Are you working with any of our competitors currently?
  • How will I be involved in the process?


SEO is fundamental for every online business and is the backbone of digital marketing. However, it takes time to show positive results along with consistent efforts.

If you select the right SEO agency in London, they will apply correct and relevant SEO strategies to improve your website rankings. As a result, you can see your website in a coveted and visible spot on the search engine result page.


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