By Praminder Bhuller | Best website design company | November 29, 2022

A Step-by-Step Guide To The Website Redesign Process

Who does not enjoy watching home renovation programmes?

The presenters always seem to know just what to do to turn a battered shack or a perfectly magnificent mansion into a visually appealing residence that makes good use of space.

The same fundamental ideas of house improvements apply when redesigning your website.

However, to be genuinely effective, most site redesigns need more than simply aesthetic adjustments, so the intimidating process discourages many from ever starting.

Nevertheless, the best website design company knows how to solve your problems, and voila it works.

But what is website redesign?

Redesigning your website is a thorough process that includes upgrading content, modernising layouts, and enhancing navigation for higher conversion rates and improved site performance.

5 reasons to redesign your website

1. Rebranding

Rebranding is one of the marketing strategies that aim to change people’s perception of the company for various business reasons.

Rebranding helps the company in the following scenarios:

  • Business mergers
  • Need for growth acceleration
  • Revival of brand identity
  • Update the website as per the current trends
  • Develop a unique brand voice

2. New product or service launch

The company must redesign its website if launching a new product line or service line. This is because new product accommodation calls for new functionality and features.

3. Add new functionality

Redesigning the website becomes unavoidable if a company decides to annex new functionality.

However, one must ensure that new features and functionalities meet the business objectives.

4. Refurbish for a responsive website design

Website designs are highly mortal. Creative people keep adding and redesigning different elements of a web design. Hence, the company can make its website up-to-date with website redesign.

Moreover, more and more people are researching and accessing websites on their mobile phones. So, if your website is made solely for desktops, it is high time to consider a website redesign.

5. SEO and site performance improvement

The major barricade for search engine crawlers in discovering your website is when your website has graphics with alt text, poorly used HTML tags, and irrelevant keywords. So, a website redesign can permanently solve these problems.

Another reason for a website redesign is sub-par site performance which results from poorly written codes, too many images, or an unreliable hosting server.

Website redesign process explained!

1. Planning

How well-prepared you are and how much effort you put into planning reflects how much you care about the result.

So, start with a meeting with the website design agency. There you can discuss strategies, recap goals, and re-evaluate why your business prevails, what you provide, and who is your target audience.

Then, we will conduct an SEO audit of your and your competitor’s sites.

2. Information Architecture

At this point, we are aware of your identity, the identities of your guests, and their expectations from the visit. Now is the moment to plan precisely how to persuade visitors to convert.

Then, we will review your content, audit alongside you, design an initial sitemap, and then a full sitemap.

Sitemap documents the following things:

  • Number of pages
  • How will the audience find important content quickly
  • Connection of pages in hierarchical order
  • How will visitors find similar content

3. UX design

A UX designer will take the sitemap and convert it into wireframes. Those wireframes are working prototypes of your website. However, the prototype is colourless so that professionals can focus on how the website works, not how it looks.

4. Content Gathering

You cannot expect things to fit together naturally because your redesigned website plan differs from your current layout.

For example, you could have undergone a rebrand, substantially increased the scope of your services or offerings, or opted to enhance your content for better SEO and conversion rates.

So, we will optimise the website by adding content where it is empty and refreshing it where it is outdated.

5. Style tiles

A graphic design agency develops the style tile. This design deliverable includes a site map, wireframes, and other user experience artefacts together with font, colour, and style collections related to website interface components.

We use the following things to create style tiles:

  • Brand guidelines
  • Kickoff research
  • Brand meeting
  • How visitors want to feel while visiting your website
  • What feel they should take away
  • What is your business personality

This analysis is like creating a mood board. So, we draft out colour palettes, imagery, typography, font, and CTA buttons.

6. Website design

During this process, style tiles are executed on the UX design on your homepage. Generally, it has a ‘lorem Ipsum’ Latin copy and placeholder stock images. As a result, you can focus on the design rather than the website’s content.

After the client’s approval, all other pages are designed. Lastly, you can see how your website looks overall.

7. Web development

At this stage, your website designs are turned into codes to create a custom website.

Writing codes is a supremely technical task that is better left to the best website design company.

8. Migration

The professional team does all the migration work for you. They colonise the redesigned website with all the gathered content prototypes.

As a result, all of your stuff is seamlessly relocated to the new website.

9. QA and SEO

Before handing the redesigned website to you, the website design team will conduct the following activities:

  • Rigorous QA process to ensure that your website is robust and performs well on every device
  • Post-launch SEO will make sure that site launch is ceaseless, errors are rectified, and your business is all set on Google analytics, search console, and tag manager

10. Maintenance support

Our services do not end after handing over your website to you. We also offer maintenance services to ensure that the website does not fall short of expectations.

Our website maintenance packages will keep your website well-functioning and healthy.

The bottom line!

A website redesign process might be perplexing and overwhelming. However, the guide mentioned above by the best website design agency will allow you to understand what to expect from the process.

As a result, you do not appear as a blank page during your first meeting and live through an informed and flawless experience.

Praminder Bhuller / About Author

I started work as a freelance Graphic Designer for print-based media. This moved over to Graphic Design for the Internet. I have now moved over to online marketing. This includes working with Graphic Designers, Website Developers, SEO Marketers and many more experts. This journey has been going for 20 years.