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10 Website Header Design Tips To Improve Conversions

We all know the first impression is the last impression, and it can be the moment your visitor becomes the customer. Because of that phrase or belief, we keep our store updated with eye-catchy themes and offers mentioned at the door itself.

How can we catch the attention of visitors while having an online store? The answer is through website header design. Here in this article, we will look at some website header design tips to help you create the most unique and captivating header.

Without any delay let’s move ahead.

10 Website Header Design Tips to Get High Conversions

The website header is the first thing a visitor sees upon coming to the website, and that’s where you make your brand’s first impression.

During website development, ask a website design agency to place features in a way it is easy to navigate for visitors.

Working on a few things on the website header can have a huge impact on your website’s appearance, which includes, Brand’s logo, Menu, Search option, Header/hero image, Text (value proposition), and CTA.

Here are tips on how to improve them:

1. Pick Appealing and Connecting Header Image

If you are going with the header image, pick the picture wisely. It is considered the website’s hero image. This image will reflect your brand, and it should impact positively.

There are basically three options you could go with:

  • text with a minimal aesthetic,
  • image with people’s faces, or
  • video of what your brand does!

You will see many SaaS companies using header images with people’s faces or happy faces. And some brands choose to go minimal with the aesthetic but text explaining their product (with just a product image on one side).

And also, there are firms you choose to go with the graphic representation of what a brand does. It is up to you how you want to represent your brand.

2. Use Readable Fonts

Text is everywhere on the website, from the menu to the CTA. However, if they are not readable, there’s no use for them. We have seen many websites resorting to extra creative font colors and size, but they aren’t legible.

It is better to go simple. Choose the color and size that is easily noticeable and font that complements your theme but is readable too.

Also, write an appealing and connecting value proposition (elevator pitch) to hit the right balance. Here are a few things that you need to keep in mind while writing the brand’s value proposition:

  • It should convey the value brand offers to a customer
  • It should be truthful and believable.
  • Keep it simple and relevant.
  • Focus on customer feedback/rewards.
  • Mention your USP.

3. Placement Of Logo

Another important part of the website header is the logo, the one that will emphasize your brand and create awareness. You should not place your logo anywhere on the website header. Give it s thought process, consider the website’s overall aesthetic, and then finalize where you will place the logo.

Placement of logo is as necessary as its color and size. Where would like to place your logo? On the left side? Or in the front and middle? Remember, a rectangular logo always looks best on the sides and a round logo goes well in the middle.

While you are placing the logo, consider the header image too. Pick the layout that will highlight as well as flatter your company’s logo.

4. Emphasize The Website’s Most Important Elements

When you draw attention to your most important element on the website, it helps users to navigate easily.

Now for that, you need to understand what are the most essential elements of your brand and how you can highlight them. The essential elements of the website/brand will change as per the industry.

For example, for a social media marketing agency, the most important element is to get a proposal or view plans. Here are a few important parts or elements of every website:

  • Navigation links (as they take users from one webpage to another)
  • Brand logo (reinforces your name and logo)
  • Tagline (can promote your values)
  • Social media icons (you can get followers and engagement on social channels)
  • Search toggle (helps user or visitor to quickly search the feature or product)
  • CTAs (to improve your conversions)
  • Contact information (to improve conversions and contact you in case of support needed)

Tip: You can put the CTA button on the right side of your website header. It will allow a visitor to directly click on the button without having to navigate or look for the CTA. The text of the button should be catchy, promising, and clickable. You can use words like, Buy now, Book now, Get a free trial, make an appointment, etc.

5. Go For Hamburger Menu

Hamburger Menu

The menu is the most critical part of the header. It helps your potential customer see the services or products you offer. However, having multiple products or services can really mess up the header space. So, what’s the solution?

We recommend going for the hamburger menu–the three horizontal line button, upon clicking, reveals the content and navigational links with a cross sign at the top to close it.

It clears up the space on the header and makes your online store look harmonic and appealing. Along with that, you can keep your interactive header image or video in focus (if you are going for one).

6. Shrink the Website Header

No, no, you don’t have to shrink it permanently. By shrinking the website header, we meant shrinking it when a visitor scrolls the website. This way, even if the users are at the bottom or middle of the website page, they access the menu, search toggle, shopping cart, or other features you added.

The shrunk website header is helpful for websites with a big and impactful header at the top. When you go with the shrinking header, you will have to take care of the aesthetics as well. Make sure it changes the color as the user scrolls down to different sections.

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7. Shopping Cart

You might not believe it, but bad UX design can affect your sales. It has been reported that businesses are losing their potential buyers just because of the poor UX design or shopping cart.

If you think that designing the whole website will do the work and you can neglect the shopping cart, you are wrong.

There’s a thing that you can do, like adding a shopping cart navigation button on the header section will do wonders. Now, there also you can do customization, like instead of taking the customers to the cart page, present them with a flyout to check what’s in the cart. So, they can freely check the other products and add them to the cart if needed!

8. Make Your Contact Details Visible

The contact details are most important for every business. It should be there on the website header. If you know that you will get the customer after a call with a salesperson, why wait for customers to leave the data and then contact them?

If contact details are on the website header, you are providing customers with a prompt to call your team if they are confused or stuck somewhere. As a result, you will not only receive leads but also establish your brand as a genuine and credible one.

9. Freshen Up Your Website Headers

If you are looking to keep your website freshened up and want to make changes in a certain period of time, consider changing website headers. They are a great way to grab the attention of visitors and users. It keeps them engaged with the website. You can change the website header layout from time to time for a refreshed look.

10. Mobile-Friendly Header Design

Last but not least website header design tip on the list is about mobile-friendliness. We all know, that search engines are giving priority to mobile-friendly websites and include the designing of website headers too. Around 60 to 70% of web searches happen from mobile phones. No matter what layout or website header design you choose, make sure it is compatible with mobile.

Well, mobile-friendly doesn’t only mean that it loads on a mobile phone’s screen but also doesn’t look like a messy place to be in. imagine, visiting a website with too much content or one that is hard to navigate. Will you be able to make a decision? You will move out of the page. A de-cluttered design and fast-loading header are a must for the website.

Increase Your Conversion Rate With Perfect Header!

With these, we would like to put an end to the tips on website header design. As said at the start of the article, the first impression is the last impression. Make sure it is perfect. The tips above will aid you in creating a great website header design, but to attract visitors, you will need to rank high on SERPs. You can go to SEO agency London to help you with that! So, now you will have leads as well as higher conversion rates, which will lead to a successful business.

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